146 – Becoming a Life Coach & Overcoming My BS

I share with you the obstacles and mindset blocks I had to overcome to build my own online practice as a life coach. Listen to see how you can apply these shifts into your life and career/ business right now.

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00:00 Intro: Sharing my personal story and journey

02:37 How I started my business

05:09 Trying to figure out my passions and interests

08:15 Deciding to become a life coach

11:21 The importance of making decisions

12:20 Letting go of self-judgment

18:55 Stop blaming myself

23:19 Surrounding myself with supportive people

25:25 Three key takeaways

33:05 The importance of developing self-trust

34:16 Closing thoughts


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129 – Aligning Your Thriving with Nature’s Elements

Nature can show you so much about your life. In podcast episode, I introduce 5 elements of nature and helps you connect and apply their wisdoms into your daily life.

🔥FIRE Questions:

What do I need to add, remove, or change in my environment for me to maintain my constant fire?

What are the boundaries that need to be in place for me to tend to my fire? How do I make sure I maintain that boundary?

Where do I need to show up for myself through my actions?

🌬️AIR Questions:

Where am I not taking presence in my life?

How often am I anxious, worried, and spiralling in my head?

What is one practice I can start doing to come back into my body?

How can I infuse more play, fun, and creativity in my life?

⛱️EARTH Questions:

Where am I not recognizing myself?

What am I not owning in my life?

What’s the richness that’s already here in my life?

How do I feel about my past?

How connected do I feel towards my roots, my culture, and my ancestors?

🌊WATER Questions:

What structures/ routines do I have right now to maintain my life/ business’s ecosystem?

What are the energy leaks in my life?

Where do I want to put more focus/ attention/ flow into?

🌀SPACE Questions:

How connected do I feel with the Unseen/ the Source?

Where do I need to create more space for mystery and wonder?

Where do I need to work on having more faith (believing without evidence) in my life?

120 – How to Stop Living in Scarcity

Scarcity thinking can show up in sneaky ways… from not having enough time, to trying to “get the most” out of our investments, to feeling behind in life.

When we look at our life from a not-enough-lens, we only create more lack and things that are not enough into our reality.

I dive into why you can be living in scarcity, and how to start shifting out of that energy to create more calm, satisfaction, and peace of mind into your life.