143 – Settle for More in Your Relationships

I discuss the benefits and different perspectives to having amazing, thriving relationships. Sign up for FREE Transform Your Relationship Challenge: https://relationship-challenge.com/ Learn how to bring in more ease, love, and connection into your relationships… even when you’re anxious attached or have a billion things on your to-do list. We start April 15. See you there!

142 – Debunking Relationship Myths for Creatives & Entrepreneurs

140 – Overcoming Self-Sabotage in Your Work/ Business

You can probably see exactly how you’re sabotaging your career/ business, but you can’t seem to break out of that cycle. Because it’s never about the behavior. There’s internal fears & feelings of insecurity behind why you’re doing those things. In this episode, I help you understand the self-sabotage loop and creating ways of how you can break out of this cycle.

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