TYR Day 1: The Art of Detachment

How to become unbothered yet still show up from love and care. Watch DAY 1 replay here: https://relationship-challenge.com/day1

Tap in to the recorded version of 5-Day to Transform Your Relationship Challenge.

DAY 1 REPLAY: https://relationship-challenge.com/day1

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00:00 Transforming Relationships: The Art of Detachment

16:46 Personal Shifts and Relationship Breakthroughs

22:47 Confronting Conflicts: Understanding Communication

28:59 Attachment Styles and Activating Personal Power

35:11 Influencing Change Through Personal Empowerment

42:11 Creating Space and Detaching from Triggers

47:55 Detachment, Emotions, and Spiritual Bypassing

54:16 Detachment and Curiosity in Interactions

143 – Settle for More in Your Relationships

I discuss the benefits and different perspectives to having amazing, thriving relationships. Sign up for FREE Transform Your Relationship Challenge: https://relationship-challenge.com/ Learn how to bring in more ease, love, and connection into your relationships… even when you’re anxious attached or have a billion things on your to-do list. We start April 15. See you there!

142 – Debunking Relationship Myths for Creatives & Entrepreneurs