Self Discovery

146 – Becoming a Life Coach & Overcoming My BS

I share with you the obstacles and mindset blocks I had to overcome to build my own online practice as a life coach. Listen to see how you can apply these shifts into your life and career/ business right now.

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00:00 Intro: Sharing my personal story and journey

02:37 How I started my business

05:09 Trying to figure out my passions and interests

08:15 Deciding to become a life coach

11:21 The importance of making decisions

12:20 Letting go of self-judgment

18:55 Stop blaming myself

23:19 Surrounding myself with supportive people

25:25 Three key takeaways

33:05 The importance of developing self-trust

34:16 Closing thoughts


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TYR Day 1: The Art of Detachment

How to become unbothered yet still show up from love and care. Watch DAY 1 replay here:

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00:00 Transforming Relationships: The Art of Detachment

16:46 Personal Shifts and Relationship Breakthroughs

22:47 Confronting Conflicts: Understanding Communication

28:59 Attachment Styles and Activating Personal Power

35:11 Influencing Change Through Personal Empowerment

42:11 Creating Space and Detaching from Triggers

47:55 Detachment, Emotions, and Spiritual Bypassing

54:16 Detachment and Curiosity in Interactions

142 – Debunking Relationship Myths for Creatives & Entrepreneurs