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Therapy vs. Life Coaching

Nowadays, going to therapy is becoming more mainstream. This is awesome, seeing how more and more people are starting to put more emphasis on taking care of their mental health.

Once in a while, I will have people asking what’s the difference between therapy and life coaching, and which service should they choose?


How to Reflect and Start the New Year with Intention

As we’re entering the new year, a lot of us will want to start planning for the year ahead and set goals for the year to come. This is a time of new beginnings, change, and growth.

However, it’s important that we slow down and reflect before moving forward. We need to know where we are right now and learn from our past, so that we can create the right plan and set the right goals.

It’s not just about moving forward. It’s about moving forward with intention.


17 – How to Find Your Passion

Why do you want to find your passion? How can you find your passion? If you are currently feeling stuck and lost about what to do with your life, then this episode is for you.

Tune in now to hear more:


  • The reasons behind finding your passion
  • 3 ways to figure out your passion

Can’t tune in right now? Read blog post here: How to Find Your Passion

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