122 – How to make resting more meaningful and productive

120 – How to Stop Living in Scarcity

Scarcity thinking can show up in sneaky ways… from not having enough time, to trying to “get the most” out of our investments, to feeling behind in life.

When we look at our life from a not-enough-lens, we only create more lack and things that are not enough into our reality.

I dive into why you can be living in scarcity, and how to start shifting out of that energy to create more calm, satisfaction, and peace of mind into your life.

115 – Working Out, Body Image, & Food with Clara Nah

In this episode of Daring Living, join us as we delve into the world of fitness, self-care, and personal development. Our guest, Clara Nah, shares her incredible insights and experiences on how she manages to maintain a healthy body and mind while juggling multiple responsibilities. She discusses the challenges she faces and offers valuable advice on finding balance and prioritizing self-care.

Throughout the conversation, Clara sheds light on the common misconception that exercise is a luxury, something that can be overlooked when life gets busy. She explains how she views exercise as an essential component of personal growth and self-love. Discover how integrating exercise into your routine can contribute to your overall well-being and success.

Get ready to be inspired and motivated to incorporate exercise into your routine as a means of personal growth and well-being.