109 – How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Welcome to this week’s episode of our podcast! 

In this episode, we have something special for you: an insightful conversation on “How to Overcome Social Anxiety” that I had with Paula from Bondebond Agency during an Instagram live.

We understand how daily anxiety can be challenging, especially in social settings. Whether it’s attending group events or meeting someone one-on-one for coffee, we’ve got you covered with practical advice.

During our discussion, we dive deep into the reasons behind freezing up and stumbling over words in social situations. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you overcome those hurdles.

Discover effective strategies to create a sense of safety both within yourself and in your external environment. We share valuable tips to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself, allowing you to be more confident, grounded, and authentic.

Although the audio quality of this Instagram live may not be perfect, the content itself is a treasure trove of wisdom and actionable advice. 

Listen closely and uncover the golden nuggets that will empower you to navigate social anxiety with ease.

Join us as we explore “How to Overcome Social Anxiety” and embark on a transformative journey towards a more confident and fulfilling life.

106 – Creating Desirable Motivation as an Entrepreneur

As an immigrant and someone from an Asian culture, I was taught to push through and force discipline onto myself in order to achieve success. While this approach worked for a while, I eventually realized that it was leading to burnout and an unhealthy relationship with myself. 

In this episode, I explore the importance of building self-discipline and work ethic in a sustainable way that fosters joy and personal growth, rather than dread and exhaustion. 

So if you’re ready to learn how to create a more fulfilling and daring life, join me in this honest conversation about personal growth and success.

105 – When You Are In Darkness

Are you achieving your goals but still struggling with periods of darkness and depression?

As a life coach, I see a lot of people around me talking about achieving their goals and creating their ideal lives, and while I fully support these endeavors, I also think that we need to acknowledge the darkness that can still exist even when we are achieving our dreams.

In this episode, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how to deal with depression and the importance of acknowledging that it exists alongside our successes.