Personal development

117 – Yin & Yang: How to thrive and create harmony in your life

We grew up in a society today that glorifies logical thinking, planning, and climbing up the ladder to reach milestones after milestones. We were taught to ignore our feelings, self-expression, and going inward to trust and listen to our intuition.

And we wonder why so many of us feel isolated, burnt out, disconnected, and numbed from others and the world.

In this episode, I go into detail to define the yin and yang energy, and how to work with the flow of both so that you can fully thrive and create harmony in your life, relationship, and work.


116 – 4 Stages of Creative Process

As creative entrepreneurs, we often feel the pressure to keep those creative juices flowing, but let’s be real – sometimes we hit those roadblocks where ideas just won’t budge. It can be totally frustrating and downright exhausting.

In today’s episode of Daring Living, we’re diving deep into the fascinating world of the 4 Stages of the Creative Process. I’ll be sharing what causes those creative blocks and, most importantly, sharing practical and actionable tips to help you navigate through those uninspired moments.

Whether you’re all about creating captivating art, crafting innovative products, or dishing out engaging content, this podcast episode is for you.
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