What’s one habit you want to quit, but you can never seem to do so? In this episode, I share my personal binging behavior journey with watching dramas and how it has affected my mental health. I discuss why it’s so hard for you to quit, how to know when it’s truly time to quit, and some practical steps to help you stop your addictive behavior, for good.

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00:00 Introduction

00:56 My Drama detox

02:21 Numbing vs. Enjoying Activities

04:18 Removing Shame Around the Habit

05:12 Understanding the “Why”

08:21 Your Body’s Intelligence

10:06 Brain’s Survival Instincts

10:39 Connect Habit to Pain

11:43 Long-term Effects of Habits

14:31 Habits Aren’t Small Things

21:24 Triggers for Habits

22:54 Breathing and Breaking the Circuit

24:01 Replace Habit with a New Activity

25:47 Changing Your Identity

26:34 Focusing on Positive Activities

28:05 Conclusion

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