Don’t you just love the feeling of setting your goals and then crushing them? I am a big goal-getter myself.

Yet the reality is that many of us set goals, but we don’t necessarily achieve them.

Over time, this cycle continues and we can easily feel defeated because we don’t trust ourselves enough to achieve the goals we set out to accomplish.

Setting an Intentional Goal

In order to successfully set a goal that you can achieve, you have to be very clear and intentional about it.

It’s more important to set one intentional goal than set ten unrelated, irrelevant goals that do not mean anything to you.

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5 Ways to Setting Goals with Intention


Even before you set your goal, you need to have the end result in mind. What do you want to achieve with your goal? What does the final result look like?

How does achieving this goal help you achieve the vision you have for yourself?

First you need to get clear about how you want your future to look like. Then decide if accomplishing this goal will lead you closer to the life that you want.

Always start with the end goal in mind.


Knowing why you are doing what you do will keep you rooted in until you achieved your goal. If you find yourself not feeling motivated often, your why may not be strong enough.

Your why should not come from an external reward but an intrinsic reason that is very important to you. 

You need to know with clarity the reason why you MUST accomplish your goal, and have a relentless belief that you can achieve it. 

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Sometimes we do not achieve our goal simply because we forgot about it. Life happens and we can easily lose track of our direction and our goal as time goes by.

Checking in with yourself regularly is very important. Have you goal written down. Set up a time every day and every week to check in on your progress and make any adjustments necessary.

Stay committed to your end goal, but be flexible with the approach.



Create a plan for your goal. Often we get overwhelmed because we goal feels too big and out of scope. Break down your big goal into smaller projects and set a deadline to achieve each of them.

Besides creating a plan for your goals, you also need to prepare for obstacles. Anticipate some possible obstacles that might come up. What are your strategies to overcome them? What excuses might you give yourself and how are you going to address them?

Remember, it’s more important to set one right, intentional goal than it is to set ten irrelevant goals. Goal setting is fun. But actually accomplishing the goal is what creates the result you want in your life.


Rooting for you, 



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