108 – How to Create More Time

This week’s episode is all about unlocking the secrets to creating more time for the things that truly light you up. We’ll dive into practical strategies to ensure you have ample time for your health, relationships, family, and work.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: managing our time can be a real challenge, especially if we have the freedom to set our own schedules. I’ve seen it all – from folks who cram their days to the brim, neglecting their own well-being and relationships, to those who find themselves slipping into a cycle of laziness and procrastination because they have “too much time” on their hands.

But fear not! In this episode, we’ll explore a mindful approach to time that empowers you to make room for what truly matters. We’ll discuss practical techniques to prioritize your time, honor its scarcity, and create a balanced lifestyle that resonates with your values.

Ready to reclaim your time and craft a life that’s both meaningful and enjoyable? Tune in now

105 – When You Are In Darkness

Are you achieving your goals but still struggling with periods of darkness and depression?

As a life coach, I see a lot of people around me talking about achieving their goals and creating their ideal lives, and while I fully support these endeavors, I also think that we need to acknowledge the darkness that can still exist even when we are achieving our dreams.

In this episode, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how to deal with depression and the importance of acknowledging that it exists alongside our successes.