How to Start at Conversation Simply Shir

As I slowly transition from school to work this month, I find it harder and harder for me to talk to people, literally. And it wasn’t just because I’m interacting with more people at work who are older or more experienced than me. I have talked to professionals at school events before, but I knew that my role was  a student. And this acknowledgement somehow made it easier for me to confront people.

Very soon, however, I will be entering the working world and I need to alter this perspective (time to grow up and be an adult). Confidence, for sure, plays a key role in how I’m communicating with people at work, but this is something that just builds slowly from experience. The skill of communication, on the other hand, is something that we all can actively practice on a daily basis and improve overtime.

Below are some simple, but powerful tips  I collected to help myself  start a better conversation.