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26 – How to Build Intentional Habits

Change happens in the everday actions. It doesn’t happen in the result. Not all habits are useful and not all habits are effective. It’s so important to build daily habits that are intentional. This is how you can make deliberate decisions and actions that will create the lifestyle that you want. Tune in here: We explore: […]

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25 – Daily Check In’s

Want to know how to check in with yourself daily? We talk about how to be mindful to start the day and be in tune with your thoughts and emotions. Consistent, daily practice of checking in with yourself can be very powerful in the long run. We explore: 2:19 – Importance of daily check ins […]

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24 – What to do when you feel uncertain

Uncertainty can happen during a time of transition. If you don’t know what the future looks like, you may feel uncertain, worried, or scared. Notice that just because you’re feeling this way, it doesn’t mean anything has gone wrong. In the midst of this change, you will have to commit to trusting yourself and creating […]

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