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22 – How to Reflect for the New Year

Before setting goals, it’s important to first reflect on your past year. This is how to be aware of where you are now so you can prepare for the new year intentionally. In this episode, I discuss 5 ways to reflect and move on from the past year. Tune in to hear more:   WE […]

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21 – How to Build Self Discipline with Love

Practicing self-discipline means giving up short term pleasures for long term reward. The narratives we are telling ourselves about why we need self-discipline is very important. If it is backed by hate and self-criticism, it will actually backfire in the end. We talk about the right approach to self-discipline, and how to fuel it with […]

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20 – How to Overcome Your Insecurity

How do you overcome feeling insecure? We have insecurities because we’re human. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just because you feel insecure, it doesn’t make you less than anyone else. Instead of pretending that your insecurities don’t exist, it’s actually more powerful if you bring it into awareness and treat it with compassion and curiosity. […]

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