Today is my healing day to get back to my regular routine. I thought this would be the perfect time to refelct on the past year.

As I’m writing this post, I had just returned from a 5 day ski-trip with a group of friends for the holidays. It was one of the best ski trips I’ve been on, with lots of memorable experiences to share. However, the moment I opened the door to my apartment, I find myself swarmed with an overwhelming sense of relief.

“I’m Home.” 

Despite how fun and how adventurous the trip was, home is still the best place to be. I’ve missed it so much.

“I’m Home.”Doing a reflection would help me feel back on track and ready for the new year. This would make me feel more grounded. Instead of writing an essay, I thought I would answer 10 excellent reflection questions I discovered on Amy’s channel.

10 Reflection Questions for the New Year (2017)

1.Where were you this time last year?

Hahaha. The first question already made me realize what a year it’s been. This time last year was not a good time for me. I was going through a heart-break, and for a long time I pretended I was fine when I really was not. I had to be fine for work, for school, in front of my family and friends. Also, this time last year I was about to graduate and enter the next stage in life. I was panicking about not being able to find a job, not meeting up to society’s standards of my major, and also not meeting up to my own expectations. I was confused, lost, and very alone.  I walked around with a mask on and an aching heart for a really long time.

2. Where are you now?

I am in a position where I am happy and satisfied with where I am and what I have. This year, I have really cultivated a new and better relationship with myself, which also reflected onto my relationships with those around me. I am not arguing and criticizing at myself anymore. I am who I am. I accept all my strengths, and all of my flaws. I am only human. I do not want to pretend anymore. Every day, I discover more about myself that I had not known before. Every day, I am growing, and I am extremely grateful for that.

3. If you could describe the year in three words, what would they be?

Healing. Growing. Discovering.

4. What are you grateful for?

Everything. I am what I have. I am also what I have lost. I am grateful for it all. I am grateful for my family and friends, and all the people who I have met and have impacted me and made me who I am today. I am grateful for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

5. What did you accomplish?

Here are some important milestones/ bucket lists checked off this year.

☑ Graduated from UBC BCom in May
☑ Went on my first backpacking trip in Taiwan
☑ Experienced scuba diving at Green Island, Taiwan
☑ Visited Japan (Tokyo) for the first time, and went to Studio Ghibli museum (my dream came true)
☑ Got my first marketing job
☑ Did my first jump while snowboarding at Sun Peaks
☑ Moved and settled into a new home with my sister
☑ Started driving more frequently
☑ Hiked Crown mountain
☑ Joined Toastmasters to improve my public speaking
☑ Cut my hair short
☑ Renovated my new website and started an Instagram account
☑ Developed stronger bond with family

6. What goals did you not accomplish?

✖ Do the splits
✖ Learn to double skip on jumping rope
✖ Do 3 pull-ups
✖ Get digital marketing certificates
✖ Get my Class 5 driver’s licence
✖ Produce regular content on Website and Instagram

7. What brought the most joy in 2017?

  • When I am spending time by myself, with no distractions
  • When I have a long, deep conversation and really connected with someone
  • When I am sharing my thoughts to others confidently
  • When I connected with new friends with similar interests
  • When I produce content

8. What new habits have you acquired?

9. What old habits are you leaving?

Trying my best not to…

  • spend too much time on social media
  • wake up late
  • spend too long staring continuously at the screen (take breaks every 30 min)
  • speak and act impulsively
  • be indecisive
  • be too forgetful

10. What do you want to achieve in 2018?

There are a lot of things I want to accomplish in 2018, but here are a few… Over the next while I will work on transforming this list into SMART goals to be able to accomplish them easier.

☐ Develop regular night time routine
☐ Produce regular content on website and Instagram
☐ Reach out and connect with like minded people
☐ Get my digital marketing certificates
☐ Learn photography and go on photo shoots
☐ Get my Class 5 driver’s license
☐ Do yoga
☐ Focus on self care – I created my self care goals for the new year here.

In bucket list:

☐ Learn brush lettering
☐ Go camping
☐ See the Northern Lights
☐ Visit Hong Kong
☐ Drive by myself up Cypress mountain and snowboard

I will most likely add more later on to my 2018 bucket list. I definitely recommend you to try answering these 10 reflection questions yourself. As I answered these questions, I was able to look back on the year and see how far I’ve come. I can’t wait to start tackling down my goals in 2018!



Shir 🙂