How to Create Self-Discipline from Love

You not working on your project is NOT because you’re lazy.⁠
It’s also NOT because you aren’t committed.⁠

It’s because you’re disciplining your way into taking those actions.⁠

Imagine telling a kid “you’re so bad at piano” and just “suck it up and keep practicing.”⁠
That kid will always hate the practice and never enjoy playing piano right?
Well… that’s kind of what you’re doing right now.⁠

And this is actually the strategy a lot of us learned to use growing up.⁠
We think we have to be hard on ourselves in order to move forward.⁠

Which is why we’d want to rebel, procrastinate, and avoid doing the work. Because doing that simply does not feel that great at all.⁠

Let’s end this unhealthy self-disciplining loop once and for all.⁠
Instead, try building loving discipline to help you move forward.⁠

You can build self-discipline from love.⁠

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