Goal Setting
with Intention Workbook

Set your #1 goal and work through it every 90-days. Over and over again.



1. You like setting goals but don't always follow through
You can set goals but it's hard for you to take actions and actually follow through to achieve them.


2. You’re not sure what your long term vision looks like
The future feels uncertain and you don't know what is the best way to move forward. You feel like you don't know what you want sometimes and can't make a decision for yourself.


3. Life happens and you don’t make time for your goals
When you get busy, you tend to push your goals to the side. You wish you can prioritize what's important to you.


4. You really want to set your #1 goal and make it happen this year
You're sick and tired of taking actions and then giving up half way. Deep down, you want to achieve your goal to create a better future for yourself.


If these resonate with you, then you're in the right place.
The Goal Setting with Intention Workbook is designed to cover exactly these issues.

Hi friend, I’m Shirley.

I used to live a life I do not enjoy. My life seemed promising post-grad. I landed a well paying job and I’m surrounded by loving friends and family.

Yet, I was miserable inside. I felt frustrated, stressed, and depressed because I wanted so much more for myself but I didn’t know how to get there.

Diving into personal development helped  me. I started reading books, listening to podcasts, and began sharing what I learned with others.

Today, I am a Certified Life Coach and I run my own online business. I am living a life that I absolutely love. I teach others how to set intentional goals and help them create their ideal life and achieve it.

It is totally possible for you to set meaningful goals with intention and make them into a reality. You are the owner of your life. I have created my current life into existence, and I want to help you do the same.



✔Create a clear picture of your future vision


✔Set intentional goals that you feel excited about


✔Create a game plan to achieve your #1 goal this year


✔Generate the drive to work through your goals


✔Stay on track with your weekly and monthly progress


✔Have an actionable system to work through your goal


  • Over 70+ pages of teaching, exercises, and worksheets
  • Part 1: Creating your future and setting your goals with intention
  • Part 2: Creating a game plan to achieve your goal
  • Part 3: The Journey Book that you can reuse to work through your goal every 90-days
  • The detailed plan to intentional goal setting and preparation for what's to come
  • Guided instructions, specific examples, and motivational quotes
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly systems to keep you on track of your progress
  • Access to future bonuses and workbook updates


Part 1: Setting Your #1 Goal with Intention

Part 2: Creating Your Game Plan

Part 3: Your Journey Book



Take back control of your life today.

Set your goals with intention and work through them every 90-days.
Over and over again.


How to set your goals the right way

How to create a solid plan for your goal

The secret behind your actions and how to prime yourself for success

How to create a clear vision for yourself and feel good about it

How to be intentional with your time and schedule

The weekly and monthly system to work through your goals


1. You like to set goals for yourself

2. You want to gain clarity about your future direction

3. You like to learn and grow to be better

4. You aspire to make your dream a reality



1. You don't like to set goals

2. You don't want to plan for your future

3. You complain about your situation but don't want to take responsibility

4. You aren't willing to take actions and work on your goals

100 Guided Journal Prompts ($17 value)

Helping you work through these topics:

✔Self Discovery

✔Creating Your Future

✔Fears, Anxiety, and Self-Doubt

✔Unpacking Heavy Emotions

✔Making a Decision

✔Failures and Mistakes

✔Gratitude and Being Present

✔Daily and Weekly Reflection


What exactly is this?
This is a digital workbook that helps you set goals, create an actionable plan, and work through a system to make your goals happen. It's split into 3 parts so it's more digestible for you.

How is this different from other goal setting workbooks out there?
Most goal setting workbooks focus purely on the actions. This workbook helps you set goals in an intentional, focused way that relates to the future path you want to create for yourself.

You will learn the action plan to get there. But you will also learn a lot about yourself, your motivation, and the practical tools that need to be in place first in order to achieve your goal.

Is this editable or does it need to be printed?
There are two available versions for the workbook. Printable and editable PDF. You can work through it on your computer, phone, or on any electronic device.

How will I receive this?
When you complete the order, I will send you the email. The email will have link to download the workbook and bonus.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?
You can send me an email me at shir@daringliving.com. I'll be glad to help!

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