Ever wonder if your life right now... is as good as it gets?

On the outside, your life seems to be doing well.

Yet deep down, you can’t help but wonder if all of this can be better somehow.

Hey friend, I see you.

In your day-to-day you...

  • Spin out a lot in your head and experience anxiety regularly at work, at home, or in your interactions with people who are important to you
  • Are always busy… and sometimes you can’t seem to take a breath to relax and manage your time properly
  • Do what’s expected of you and what needs to be done. But when it comes to your own goals and dreams… you procrastinate. Then, you beat yourself up for not following through on what you said you’d do.
  • have someone in your life that’s draining you mentally and emotionally (maybe it’s your boss, partner, or a family member), and being in their space is really sucking away your energy
  • Are not really happy. And you struggle sometimes with finding meaning and joy in your every day
  • As a result you...
  • Don’t trust yourself enough to make the right choices or say the right things at work or at home. You continue to listen and do what other people say instead of seeing your own strengths and speaking your opinions out loud.
  • Feel overwhelmed and exhausted often. You simply don’t have the energy and motivation to really focus on what actually matters
  • Have ideas and dreams that are left… simply as daydreams in your head collecting dust. Because deep down, you don’t believe those things matter enough for you to take action.
  • Don’t prioritize yourself and your needs. Instead, you work to please others and don’t want people to be angry or upset with you

Hey, it’s okay. Really.

It’s not you, it’s your brain and body's past conditioning.

We were never taught to step out of this busy rat race and look at ourselves from afar.

Our survival brain is wired to keep us safe, protected, and alive.

Our default setting is to stay in the pack, conform to order, and continue to repeat what we're used to so that we don’t end up alone and starving in the wild... because that could literally mean death.

  • Your brain is wired to make sure other people liking you is more important than you liking yourself (because then you won't be kicked out from the pack)
  • Growing up, you've learned that disciplining & criticizing yourself is going to make you better somehow (just think about all the negative self-talks you have in your head)
  • You have beliefs and habits that are picked up from your parents, your culture, the society (about time, money, your worth, the "rules" that you're supposed to follow, your capabilities) and they’ve all being programed into who you are being today and how you show up every day
  • You haven’t learned how to separate your brains’ narratives from the facts & intuitive truths of who you are 
  • You’ve never learned how to truly process, release, and be with your emotions in a healthy way (instead of reacting to, ignoring, or resisting your emotions)

All of these might feel complicated to do.

But it's actually really simple.

We're simply helping you un-learn what hasn't worked in the past, and learning new ways of thinking, feeling, behaving and how you'd prefer to approach your life and your world.

Introducing: Daring Living Life & Success Coaching Experience

Working with me is not about following the rules and making sure you're doing it right.

It’s about letting go of your past conditioning that’s been making you feel inadequate and not good enough…

… and creating a permanent healing, loving, and growth-oriented relationship with yourself and your future in a way that feels nourishing, safe, and alive.

As your coach, I’ll guide you through your own journey to work on any of these areas...

(* As well as other more specific topics of focus depending on your personal needs and what you're going through)

I will create a more personalized plan for you on our connection call.


  • Unlearning your default belief patterns and creating new neural pathways in your brain deliberately
  • Embodying all of your successes, wins, and achievements into your identity
  • Living in the beliefs and energy of your Future Self
  • Working through any doubts, fears, and blocks that are in your way from achieving your goals and dream desires


  • Interrupting patterns of anxiety and calming your nervous system down
  • Processing and releasing negative emotions and tensions that exist in your body
  • Creating emotions on your own, the feelings you want want to feel


  • Building self-discipline with love
  • Controlling your cravings & urges (such as the need to eat, shop, drink, "be doing something", or watch Netflix)


  • Not letting people have control over how you feel
  • Helping you be MORE yourself in front of your friends, co-workers, and other relationships.
  • Creating a nourishing relationship with time, money, your partner (or any loved one)
  • Honoring your uniqueness, neuro-diverse brain, and natural rhythm (and creating your own rules and schedule that work for you)



I always thought that overcoming my constant anxiety would take me years but after working with you for the past 6 months my life is so different! I actually can feel at peace and enjoy life as it comes instead of constantly being in fear. Even when I do have hard days now I know how to cope with it instead of spiraling like I used to. I’m proud of myself for making this big leap into life coaching. It was scary at first but I knew that I wanted to level up so that I can be ready to take on whatever comes my way. I think life coaching is like the fast pass in life! 

— Brittany T. from Houston, US

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could...

    • Love yourself harder and extend grace to yourself when you make mistakes or when times get hard
    • Know how to be there for yourself when you’re anxious and stop yourself from continuing down an anxiety spiral
    • Know how to watch your brain and the thoughts in it instead of believing everything your brain throws at you
    • Know what your future looks like with clarity and always aim towards that person you want to become
    • Feel deeply connected and fulfilled with your career and in your important relationships

  • Work toward your dreams without apology, because you feel so energized and excited every day seeing that you’re making progress
  • Live in the energy of your own miracles and breakthroughs
  • Feel calmer, more present, and be at peace with your mind every day
  • Have so much extra space, energy, and time to have fun, work on your personal goals, and do more of what you love
  • Tune into your inner compass and trust yourself deeply to make the right decisions for you
  • Step into your innate leader at work, in your relationships, social circles, and/ or in local/ online communities

A lot of people tell me they want to be more positive and happier.

And I always say... through this work that's JUST the beginning.

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Shir has a very wise soul when you are speaking with her she has a nurturing spirit that is non judgmental,  you feel safe opening up to her. I was surprised being older that she would be able to relate or to have the experience to deal with “my issues” but this girl is like I said wiser beyond her years. I feel like she’s been doing this forever. I can’t stop saying enough nice things about her. She definitely found her calling in life and I’m so grateful she made the changes in her life to get here because I needed her! And trust me guys you will benefit from her too! You will love yourself for it.

 — Diane T. from San Diego, US




  • Weekly 60 minute sessions via Zoom 
  • Personalized coaching plan tailored to your needs
  • Access to Private Coaching Portal and your personal coaching folder containing all our exercises, tools, lessons and monthly trainings
  • Session recordings for you to re-watch on demand
  • Unlimited voice & message support in between sessions via email and WhatsApp Messenger

PRICE STARTING AT $2700 USD. Payment plans available.

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Being truly seen has always made me anxious—I think I have always felt like I would be judged or criticized. Coaching is nothing like that. I am seen and I am accepted exactly as I am. It is from a place of acceptance that I have learned to change only that which is not serving me. So simultaneously, coaching has allowed me to embrace other parts of myself without ever feeling pressured to change.

Life coaching has showed me that truly the only limits that exist are ones that I think are there. When I change my thoughts, I change what is possible. Honestly, I never realized how much power I have to change my thoughts or my reality.

Shir is truly a coach. She walks with me, challenges me, and never ever judges me on my journey. She simply helps me to see the possibilities ahead and pushes me to go after what I want.

— Jane B. from Minneapolis, US

My Story

Hi, I’m Shirley. Certified Life Coach, host of Daring Living Podcast, messy and daring human.

I spent a good chunk of my life feeling self-conscious, insecure, and struggled with high-functioning anxiety. Often, I had insomnia from mental/ emotional overwhelm, exhaustion, and depression. I was deep in the trenches of busyness and hustling for my self-worth.

In 2019, I was introduced to the world of coaching. This was when my world shifted massively in ways I didn’t expect.

Today everything about me is so different: from how I think about myself, my style, how I talk to people, where I live, what I do for a living, how much love and calm I feel on a daily basis, my weight, my net worth, the depth of my relationships… I have achieved things and embodied an identity that my younger self would've NEVER dreamed of having.

After thousands of hours coaching myself, getting coached, and coaching dozens of clients, I can confidently say that this stuff is no joke.

My clients tell me all the time how transformative and mind-blowing this work has been for their life.

By the end of time together, you'll be able to:

  • step out of the never-ending, automatic hamster wheel in your life
  • know how to access and tune into your inner compass
  • become a masterful scientist of your own brain/ emotions/ behaviors
  • become someone who leads through example in your life
  • create next-level breakthroughs and results that your Past Self would thank you for


For years, I read every personal growth book on the market seeking the answer to a simple question: What is wrong with me?

I was stuck, unable to understand why I couldn't achieve the things I most desire in my life - a writing career, a thriving income, a strong sense of self-worth. I found some answers in those books, but it wasn't enough to know the answers. By working with Shirley, I have had the chance to LIVE the answers, to practice them, and to change my energy. I now have compassion for the very human part of my brain that believes it can keep me safe by repeating the same thoughts and routines.

In a few months of working with Shirley, I have experienced a shift in awareness that has led me to make BIG decisions and move toward the vision I have of myself as an author. 

— Stacey L. from Springfield, US


What you can expect when working with me:

You will enter an open, safe, non-judgmental space.

However you are right now is good enough.

Come as you are (with all of your stuff), and you’ll be taken care of, seen, and appreciated just the same.

At the same time, I refuse to see you any less than the amazing and powerful being & trailblazer that you already are.

This is my promise to you.


The gateway to unlocking your extraordinary life starts now:


Sometimes we’re so occupied in our lives that we put our negative feelings aside...im so glad I did the session with you because you really helped me dig deeper into myself to find the root causes, and i learned more about myself and have gotten more clarifications after the session. the way you listened and coached is so powerful, and you’ve created such a safe space for me to talk, I'm really glad we had the session💚💚💚 

— Janice C. from Vancouver, CA


My experience working with daringliving has been amazing. The length of time and effort Shirley puts into each client is beautiful. She spent all her focus and presence on me whenever we had a meeting. Shirley is there to help you every step of the way. She really takes the time to know her clients, and what they need as individuals. Highly recommend. 

— Danielle C. from Vancouver, CA


This was my very first time trying a life coach program and I already knew in my 2nd call that my life gonna change. The worksheet she gave me after our call was so personalized and worked for me! But the best part for me was the call. The good things are in calls, she will investigate some points that I never thought of and point them out for me! (I just want to say that I felt like as if my mind is like a bunch of tangled yarn and she picked it out to be as it was again! So it’s not tangled anymore! So hard to translate this part 😂) It was such a great experience!✨👍

— Kaoru F. from Tokyo, Japan

I must have walked away with an insight or breakthrough after every session. Shirley has a way of asking questions that allow me to reflect and evaluate whether what I'm thinking is helpful or not, and she does it in a most compassionate and non-judgmental way. What is special about Shirley is that she maintains her equanimity and so what is reflected back is often my own thoughts, judgments, fears and anything that needs to be revealed, showing me what I need to see. The questions could sometimes be challenging but they always come from a place of wanting to help me be free and at peace with my thoughts and my decisions. I particularly love and appreciate the empowerment I experience after speaking with Shirley, and often it's a result of the work I've done with her on owning my decisions and having my own back.

— Kim T. from Toronto, CA

Working with Shirley have been an incredible journey. At first I wasn't sure if I really wanted to sign up for six whole month!! And even during some bad weeks in the beginning I could doubt my decision. But the more time we worked together the more I realized that it takes time to make changes and see differences. I learned how to listen to my body, when to push myself and when to let myself rest and knowing that I have done enough. I learned to have to take care of myself and my needs so I wouldn't be as dependent on others and so I can take care of and have more patience with my family. Thank you Shirley!

— Monica L. from Stockholm, Sweden


Shirley has helped me so much in my personal development. She helps me recognize my limiting beliefs, work through difficult emotions and challenges and empowers me to change my life for the better. She always asks the right questions and make me think, reflect, and feel inspired to change. Her patience and attentiveness are truly second to none. Just after 2 months of working with her, I can see the changes that are happening in my life: I become more confident, more intentional, and more aware of my thought and behavior patterns. I'm so grateful for having a coach like her and I'm so excited to see how much more I will transform my life in the next couple months, and I know that she's a big part of that.

— Clara D. from Toronto, CA


I have learned that everybody needs a coach. I have had over 30 years of business development and management experience but have benefitted from working with Shirley. I have become more focused, and am better prepared to face the inevitable distractions and roadblocks that we run into everyday. Her character allows me to open up about things I have shared with few others. She is sympathetic but holds me accountable. She’s focused but adaptable. I’m happy she’s my coach.

— D.S. from Vancouver, CA

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What exactly is life coaching?
Life coaching is a partnership where we work together in a way that inspires and propels you to maximize your personal, emotional, relational, and professional well-being. As the coach, I do not tell you what to do. This is your life and you know yourself best. I help you find what you need by creating a space for you to express your thoughts, asking guiding questions, connecting ideas together, and bringing you into awareness what you haven't noticed before. This is a thought-provoking and creative process.
2. How do I know if I need life coaching?
There is a reason you're reading this page. If you can resonate to the problems above and see the benefits that coaching can have for you, then coaching is for you.
3. What is the difference between life coaching and counseling?
Counseling (or therapy) focuses on the past and on healing wounds. It helps you heal past traumas and experiences from childhood that is preventing you from living your day-to-day life. Coaching is focused on the present and the future. We always refer to the past by connecting to the present and exploring what’s happening right now. We work more on the present and help you move towards the place you want to be. Counseling usually takes you from dysfunctional to functional. Coaching can take you from functional to exceptional. I have clients who work with me and a therapist/ counselor at the same time. It depends on what your needs are and what you're looking for in this phase of your life.
4. I don't know what I want in my life. Should I still get life coaching?
If you don’t know what you want, it is exactly why you may need life coaching. Often, you won’t even know what the problem is until we really dive into it in our sessions. I will help you discover the root causes and move forward from there.
5. Can I do this work on my own?
Chances are, you've probably been trying to do it on your own and it hasn't been working. There's a lot of power to letting yourself be helped and be truly seen by another human. Asking for help and receiving help is what strong people do. They know what they need and they ask for that unapologetically. Many CEO's, athletes, and leaders continue to work with a coach, not because they're not good enough. But because they know that they want to continuously strengthen and expand in their life, their mind, and their soul. What matters most is if you actually create the result you want or not. Working with a coach is a great avenue to maximize and speed up your ability to create the dream life you deeply desire.
6. How long will it take before I see results?
It depends. In one single session, it's possible to experience a breakthrough, an "A-HA" moment, or you might make one decision that will change your life forever. And for deeper issues or more audacious goals, it may take a few months to see external results (But before that, you'll for sure experience an internal shift in how you think and feel) The opportunity for growth and results can be limitless if you let it.


I am sooo grateful for our past two sessions. I genuinely enjoy my day more, I feel so much more at ease, I actually have more space and feel grateful for my environment/ circumstances. Nothing had changed externally and that blows my mind. Thank you for teaching me. I can't wait to see where I am 6 months when this is how I feel just 4 sessions in.

— Jenny R. from Los Angeles, CA