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3 Personality Tests that will Help You Understand Yourself


When was the last time you took a personality test? Did you learn something new about yourself?

One of the biggest benefits someone can gain from taking personality tests is building self awareness. Although this may sound like a no brainer skill, the ability to understand yourself is actually crucial to your personal growth. You need to know yourself first in order to understand your behaviors and emotions. Only after understanding your behaviors and emotions can you begin to change and grow.


What is Habit Stacking + How to Create Habits that Stick


Alright let’s face it, by this point we pretty much all know what are considered “good habits” and all the advantages that will benefit us if we develop them. Actions like exercise more, eat less junk food, read more books, wake up earlier… etc. So why aren’t we doing them?

Because the challenging part is not starting these actions, but it’s sticking to these routines long enough for them to turn into habits. When you first start something it can take up a lot of mental energy and requires lots of self discipline. That’s why it’s so difficult. I feel ya.

What if I tell you right now that there’s a way to “trick” your brain into believing you’ve been doing a routine long enough, so it’s more likely for you to stick with it long-term?  (more…)