Top 5 Podcasts for Self Development

op 5 Podcasts for Self Development - Simply Shir

I always try to make the best use of my time. Time is so precious, and we only get so many hours a day. As a life coach, I’m constantly helping my clients uplevel their lives, meaning that I have to constantly improve and nourish my own well-being, mindset, and personal development.

A while ago, I began listening to podcasts on the Stitcher App on a daily basis. I love how the app allowed me to create playlists and I can save episodes in advance and download them to listen on the go. Listening to podcasts while exercising, cooking, cleaning, doing repeating tasks etc, have made me feel so much more productive since I am getting things done while also gaining new knowledge at the same time.

Whenever I feel uninspired or depressed, listening to podcasts is also one the ways that made me feel much better and become motivated again. Here are more ways on how to take care of yourself when you’re depressed.

Today I want to dive into the personal development category. Below I am sharing 5 of my favorite podcasts on self growth and personal development that will inspire you to be better.


10 Reflection Questions for the New Year

Today is my healing day to get back to my regular routine. I thought this would be the perfect time to refelct on the past year.

As I’m writing this post, I had just returned from a 5 day ski-trip with a group of friends for the holidays. It was one of the best ski trips I’ve been on, with lots of memorable experiences to share. However, the moment I opened the door to my apartment, I find myself swarmed with an overwhelming sense of relief.

“I’m Home.” 

Despite how fun and how adventurous the trip was, home is still the best place to be. I’ve missed it so much.

“I’m Home.” (more…)