Have you ever felt like your life is constrained by certain limitations? Do you ever find yourself wanting to start a project, begin a new hobby, or step out of your comfort zone, then find yourself saying to yourself:

I am not smart or talented enough

I am not pretty or skinny or fit enough

I don’t have enough time or money

I don’t have the skills or education

Instead of living a limiting life, what if we choose to live a life that has great abundance and joy? You may be thinking… this kind of life is too good to be true. But the truth is — living in abundance is not impossible, but because you choose to believe that your life is limited, it has become your reality.

“What you choose to focus on becomes your reality.” – Jen Sincero, Success and Life Coach

Developing an Abundant Mindset

Having an abundant mindset is the belief that we are each living a life filled with endless possibilities. We can create the dream life we want for ourselves. As we walk down our life path, there will be plenty of events and opportunities along the way eventually guiding us to where we want to be.

In today’s society, we are often raised believing what we can do is limited, and sometimes even thinking we’re not enough. We become jealous seeing other’s successes because we feel like we are left behind. We get anxious over other’s happiness because we don’t think we’ll ever find ours. We look at people’s behaviors as a sign of them wanting something from us. We are always scared of losing and missing out because we think everything in our life is limited.

According to the Law of Attraction, living an abundant life is having thoughts that the universe is with us and we areliving a life filled with endless possibilities. Want to unlock your dream life now? Daring Living #daringliving | Inspiring you to live a conscious, passionate, and daring life. Why think small when you can dream big? #abundantlife #lawofattraction #abundance #mindset #universe #thoughts #universehasyourback #personaldevelopment #motivation #habits

Living an Abundant Life

If we are living a life where we are scared to change, always counting our money, and looking at any external event as something negative that’s trying to put us down, we are living in scarcity.

You attract what you seek. If you are always looking for the flaws and negatives, then chances are that is all you will ever see coming your way. You cannot blame any positive things from not entering your life, because you CHOSE to block them off.

On the other hand, if you believe that there is plenty of everything in the world to go around for everyone – love, wealth, resources, relationships, joy – then you would have so much more potential to live an amazing and fulfilling life.

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Right now as you are reading this article, you do not know what will happen in the next hour, or tomorrow, or a month from now. You do not know what will happen. But you have the choice RIGHT NOW to decide whether your life is going to be miserable and limited, or that it is abundant, resourceful, and full of good fortune.

Self Affirmation

Here is a fast and simple way to begin changing your mindset towards abundance:

1. Start by listing out your limiting beliefs


  • I cannot make more money

  • I cannot find happiness

  • I always have bad luck

  • I can never find love

2. Change these sentences into positive affirmations

Some of my favorites:

  • Money will pour in slowly

  • Happiness will flow into me

  • The world is working in my favor

  • My heart is open, love pours in and out

3. Repeat them in your head whenever and wherever possible. Read them out loud as often as possible to yourself if you need.

Remember, your first set of limiting beliefs is not THE TRUTH. It is merely a reality that you have created for yourself. Through this exercise, you are changing that perspective into something beneficial to you in the long run.

This world is not trying to bring you down. Any event that is happening to you can either be seen as a negative burden, or it can be seen as an opportunity for change and growth. It is really all about the mindset.

What do you choose to believe in?


Shir 🙂


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