Often time, we let fear hold us back. We’re too afraid to put ourselves out there and do the things we actually wanted to do. I’ve had my fair share of being afraid. In this episode, I shared about my experience with fear, how to overcome it, and actionable steps to managing fear.

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    • 2:00 – My relationship with fear
    • 7:19 – Why feeling afraid is important
    • 8:19 – Identifying your fear and calling it out
    • 9:50 – Analyzing your fear and consider if it’s worth it to pursue
    • 10:49 – Changing your story & thoughts about that fear

Can’t tune in right now? Read blog post here: Overcoming Fear


Mel Robbin’s Video on Fear


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How do you overcome feeling afraid? Fear is a negative emotion. Often, we want to hide from it. There are many deep fears we have. We're afraid of the unknown, of failure, or abandonment. What if we can use fear as a compass to guide us instead of us hiding from us? In this podcast episode, I share about my relationship with fear and action steps on how to manage fear. Daring Living Podcast #daringliving #fear #personaldevelopment #selfgrowth #emotion #negativeemotion #podcast #selflove #lifecoaching #lifecoach

What is your experience with overcoming and conquering fear?