When I find the right podcast show with a host who I can relate to, I feel like I’m connecting with an old friend.

I LOVE podcasts. As a host of my own podcast, I know how much effort it takes to create one. When I find the right podcast with a host who I can relate to, I feel like I’m in a conversation with an old friend. Listening to podcasts doesn’t take up as much energy and willpower compared to reading a book. I can cook, clean, do my daily chores as I listen, making me feel super efficient and productive!

As much as I enjoy listening to podcasts to gain daily knowledge about personal development, business, and marketing, often I find myself tuning in really just wanting to feel connected, to laugh, have fun, and de-stress.

Here are 5 podcasts for healing, connecting, and recharging:



From every life situation, every trauma to every celebration, the sugars, Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond are here. Cheryl, the author of Wild, and Steve, an American short-story writer and essayist, speak conversationally to provide radically emphatic advice for sugar fan letters all over the world. I can always find an episode covering a topic I can relate to at the moment, and trust that the sugars will answer my questions honestly without judgement, along with some tough-love. It is truly a remarkable listening experience every time.

My favorite episodes:


Raechel Kable offers short weekly mindfulness inspiration. I love her voice, her calmness, and just her thoughtful tips and advice about the importance of mindfulness and how we can incorporate the practice into our daily lives. I really enjoyed it being a quick listen, and these episodes always give me a conscious piece of mind to practice mindfulness daily.

My Favorite episodes:


If you know Oprah has a show, you can assume that it’s a soulful one. Oprah interviews famous thought-leaders, authors, activists, and celebrities, to help us connect, relate, and find our deeper meaning in life. Because there are many episodes, I find myself picking and choosing only specific episodes featuring people I’m familiar with. Regardless, it’s always a pleasant experience.

My favorite episodes:


Aileen is a millennial personal development/ self growth entrepreneur on Youtube. I really admire her work and really relates to her through her personal stories and experiences. She’s a great inspiration and role model. In her podcast, she interviews many self development, conscious entrepreneurs and artists who offer many useful insights. Despite these wonderful interviews, I especially enjoy her solo episodes.

Here are my favorites:


Ever since I read her book, Eat Pray Love, I’ve been obsessing over all of her work. Elizabeth has a way of speaking as if she’s your dear friend and talks honestly about her work and personal relationships. She has so much light and brings so much intelligent humor with her.

The magic Lessons podcast is related to her recent book Big Magic, where she discusses about creativity and helps us to realize our potential. This podcast is designed to listen in chronological order. There are only 12 episodes so I highly recommend listening to them thoroughly.

As well, because I’m a HUGE Liz Gilbert fan, I also enjoy just about every podcast show with her as a guest.

Here’s one of my favorite interviews of her yet. It’s about creativity, love, death, and grief. It’s a deep listen, and you won’t regret it.

Lastly, make sure to check out my podcast.


The Daring Living Podcast by Shir at daringliving.com (1)

This is a weekly honest conversation about how to live a daring, joyful, and wholehearted life in business/ career, relationships, productivity, money, love, and more. Here are some popular episodes:

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Hope you enjoy this curated list!

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I often listen to podcasts wanting to feel connected, to heal, destress, and reflect. Here are 5 top podcasts for the Soul. Daring Living #daringliving | daringliving.com Inspiring you to live a passionate & daring life | personal development, self care, positive mindset, productive habits, motivational quotes. #podcasts #soulhealing #soulful #soul #healing #personaldevelopment #selfcare #mentalwellness #destress #selfdiscovery #resources