Practicing self-discipline means giving up short term pleasures for long term reward. The narratives we are telling ourselves about why we need self-discipline is very important. If it is backed by hate and self-criticism, it will actually backfire in the end. We talk about the right approach to self-discipline, and how to fuel it with love.

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  • Defining your reason behind your self-discipline
  • Acknowledging your shortcomings and creating a thriving environment
  • Instant gratification vs. long term reward


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Self discipline help us achieve our goals. We all want to have self discipline and learn how to build motivation into our lives. The best technique is actually to create self-discipline out of love. Tune in to Daring Living podcast to hear more. #daringliving #habits #goalsetting #selfdiscipline #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #mentalwellness