I talk about tactfully tapping into a different reality almost immediately, how women are always “getting ready” for something instead of living in the NOW, and how to create trigger points for yourself to access a new energetic state.


00:00 Introduction: Back from an Alaskan Cruise

02:45 Reflecting on Personal Habits

03:53 What is Jumping Realities?

04:39 Getting Out of Waiting Energy 07:00 Personal Example of Waiting Mode

09:43 How do I embody it?

12:40 The Power of Present Action

13:48 Personal Goal: Consistent Income

15:27 What does that goal look like for you? (Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation)

19:22 Maintaining New Realities

20:18 Daily Practice for Long-Term Change

22:05 Jumping Realities can be simple

22:49 Let’s Connect!


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