Feelings drive your actions. Your actions create the outcome you want in your life. Therefore, learning about your feelings and how to manage them are super important for your success. In this episode we discuss about the importance of sitting in useful negative emotions, and 3 emotions that are crucial for your growth.

Tune in now to hear more:


  • Why are feelings practical and useful
  • Importance of experiencing negative emotions
  • 3 useful emotions that will help you grow
  • How to practice feeling each emotion regularly

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Emotional wellness is important if you want to create your ideal life. n this episode we talk about understanding your feelings and how to manage them, 3 important emotions that will help you grow, and how to practice them regularly so you can live an intentional life and have more self awareness. Daring Living Podcast #daringliving #emotions #personaldevelopment #intentionalliving #mentalhealth